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6 Reasons You Still Need Professional Window Cleaning

There are a variety of great reasons for having professional window cleaning, health and safety responsibilities not-withstanding, so here are a few of those reasons.


  1. First impressions – as you know, first impressions are everything, but lasting impressions can be just as important. This is why DSB offers regular, scheduled maintenance so you don’t have to worry about having mucky windows, as we can worry about it for you. It’s important to employ a professional – it’s just another job that needs doing, but it’s a job that needs doing right.


  1. Most buildings don’t use self-cleaning glass like in Tomorrow’s World – this glass has not seen widespread use as it is too expensive and underdeveloped, imagine the cost using this for a house or even an entire commercial building. Self-cleaning glass can either be hydrophobic or hydrophilic. The hydrophobic glass is costly to create, as well as being time-consuming. The surface can also be a little hazy which could create a nice aesthetic on the right building. Hydrophilic self-cleaning glass breaks down dirt when it is exposed to light, using photocatalysis; it sees use in a number of products but it is still relatively new and so it still needs a lot of development.


  1. Industrial pollution – even if you don’t work near an industrial estate, with the winds we see in England we get all sorts of pollution wherever we are. This has a negative effect, not just on the air we breathe, but also on the state of our windows. Even when it hasn’t been raining, you might notice a thin film of scum resting atop your windows; although you might not think so at first, but this can be detrimental to the health of your employees. People need sunlight; a lack of sunlight decreases well-being and sleep quality, which in turn decreases productivity and quality of work.


  1. Dust storms from Africa – have you ever walked outside on a dry, windy day and seen a film of sand on your car? Imagine what it is doing to your windows. Clean glass is protected glass, as the dirt and debris can etch into the glass causing scratches to appear. These dust storms typically originate in the Sahara, and the fine sand and dirt particles are transported by the wind and then blown against your windows.


  1. Safety – Although you’ve probably sat through countless health and safety seminars at work, it is still important to remember. Hiring a professional to clean your windows, especially the higher up ones, means you know that professionals will be taking care of themselves and your building without you having to worry. The Working at Height legislation states that all work at height must be assessed and made as safe as possible, and even avoided wherever possible. This is why DSB uses a combination of the reach and wash telescopic pole window washing system, ladders and cherry pickers to ensure the ultimate level of safety when cleaning your windows.


  1. Robots still aren’t that capable, more’s the pity, but maybe one day you will have a robot perched outside your office window giving it a shine.


There are a lot of reasons that professional window cleaning is still needed in today’s world, and the main one, for me, is, isn’t it just easier to let someone else do it?

DSB Cleaning6 Reasons You Still Need Professional Window Cleaning
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